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Andre Solaris
has been delivering his signature mix of global underground dance selection for the past 12 years on various FM and Satellite radio networks. Ranging from 2 to 6 hours per week in length, the various residencies have allowed Andre to showcase his music tastes and mixing style. Everything House covering Tech, Tribal, Minimal and Progressive as well as Techno, Indie Dance/Nu Disco, and Leftfield are in the mix. Global top DJs are often featured as guests on the shows.

All studio-recorded mixes are live sessions.That is - mixed live and not computer mixed. Get it?

Andre holds his current radio residency on Chicago's WKQX 101.1FM every Saturday night at 10pm.

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FUELCast with Andre Solaris


The new incarnation of FSOC again found its home once again in the city of Szczecin, Poland. This time on "Szczecin 94.4FM" - a modern music-centric station that is part of the Euranet network. The programming is a diverse musical content ranging from film, modern jazz, house, techno, and electronic. Future Sound of Chicago aired every Saturday at 21:00 (CET) / 2:00PM CST between July and September 2011. The station's schedule change resulted in cancellation of this and other mix shows.. More on the station here.
"FUEL" on THE MOVE XM 80 joins the revolution of the American radio. THE MOVE is a 24/7 underground dance music channel on North America's XM Satellite Radio covering all of the continental U.S. that delivers digital quality audio throughout the country. Andre Solaris runs his weekly mix show among other global heavy hitters such as Satoshi Tomiie, D:Fuse, Tom Stephan, Danny Howells, John Digweed, Carl Cox, and others. Guest DJs from Chicago, the US, and the world appear regularly on various shows including the world renowned The Essential Mix. Expect moving and stimulating mix of the hottest Global and Future House sounds that oscillate around Tech, Prog, Tribal, and Progressive Breaks. A world of underground dance music with a distinct Chicago flare. It propels - prepare to move. Sundays 2pm CST / Sundays 5am CST (Encore). Show ran between January 2005 and July 2007 and was cancelled following the merger between XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.

As of August 9, 2003. "Future Sound Of Chicago", airs every week on ABC Radio 98.4 FM in Szczecin, Poland. With this new radio residency in his native country, Andre's eclectic progressive mix will infiltrate the airwaves of this largely Techno oriented city partially due to it's close proximity to Berlin. The station's noncommercial programming revolves around many types of underground electronic music including Drum & Bass, Acid Jazz and Funk, Techno, Ragga, Hip Hop, House, and Experimental. "Future Sound Of Chicago" presents a Chicago-style take on various kinds of Prog House commonly known as Global House. Saturdays 8pm-9pm GMT +01:00. The show ended in August of 2005 with the sale of the station.

Andre Solaris brings on his DJ partner, Nosmo as the two invade the airwaves of Midland-Odessa, Texas with a 4-hour edition of FUEL. That's 240 minutes of mind blowing and body grooving progressive beats directly from Chicago. The station's mixed rock/dance programming is complemented very nicely with FUEL's hypnotic beats. Airs every Saturday night from 9pm to 1am as part of "Electric X".

Launching his new show over the Labor Day Weekend of 2004, Andre Solaris entered into the other half of the U.S. Satellite Radio spectrum. Now covering both networks, Solaris' progressive sounds infiltrate the United States coast-to-coast. "Acclaimed Chicago DJ Andre Solaris leaves the ordinary behind with Departures. Mixing beats from tribal house to breaks and progressive house, this electronic dance mix show takes off to points unknown every Saturday Night. It's all custom designed for SIRIUS Remix and departing from gate 62!". Saturdays (10 pm ET) Rebroadcast Tuesdays @ Midnight. The show ended unexpectedly as the big guns at Sirius finally decided that they cannot support a show from a DJ whom is also featured on their rival's, XM Radio's top dance channel. A choice had to be made. Thank you for the few month run.

Running for over 5 years, this was the flagship underground dance music show in Chicago. The 'Sonic Boom' family also included : Lego, Danny The Wildchild, Nosmo, John Curley, Psycho Bitch, Teri Bristol, D:Fuse, Green Velvet, DJ Rap. and Little Louie Vega. With a wide spectrum of sound, the show covered almost every genre of House, strictly sticking to quality and proper representation of today's club music. During his over 1 1/2 year residency Andre Solaris delivered his exclusive Breaks mix every Saturday night after 10pm CST.


World Space Radio
began the worldwide satellite radio revolution in 1990 giving the listeners digital quality audio content nearly anywhere in the world. Andre Solaris injects his mix style with "FUEL" as part of THE SYSTEM a non-stop dance channel on AfriStar and AsiaStar satellite systems. THE SYSTEM programs musical styles like Progressive house, Techno, Downtempo, and Trance coming out of cities like London, Paris, Nairobi, Tokyo, Moscow, Mumbai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. If traveling outside of the US you can catch "FUEL" each Saturday at midnight Johannesburg and Singapore time.
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'Fuel', a two hour show, began airing every Saturday night from 12am to 2am EST on XM Satellite Radio CH82 in November of 2002. For the next 1 1/2 years Andre continues delivering dance music programming that reflects current global underground dance music movement. As part "The System", a 24/7 electronic dance music channel delivering digital quality dance beats and covering all of United States, "Fuel" showcases leading global progressive house mixes from Chicago's dj Andre Solaris. As of early May of 2004 the show jumped over to THE MOVE - CH80 on XM Radio.
In early 2003, Andre Solaris enjoyed a short run of his residency on Chicago's biggest urban dance music station - WBBM-FM B96.3. A 7 week stay with the station's mix show created quite a big buzz around the city as the station had, for the first time, included proper global progressive house in their mix show. Andre's segment, The Sound Of The Global Underground has been quickly noticed by the city's most respectable mix show and its host, "Sonic Boom" (above) and the rest, as they say, is history.


'Clubland Underground'
began airing in March of 2001, every Saturday to Sunday morning from 2am to 6am on Chicago's WKIE "ENERGY" 92.7&5 FM. The weekly mix show featured a choice selection of global underground progressive dance music solely programmed by Solaris. The show was dedicated to Prog, Tech, and Tribal House, Trance, Techno, and Breaks. Andre Solaris featured weekly local, national, and international guest djs in every week's edition. The 4 hour show was intended to bring the current world underground dance music to Chicago's listeners. Sounds from the most extravagant Ibiza clubs to the most deeply dug-in hideouts of America and Europe's underground venues. On January 4, 2003 the 412th hour of the show has ended its run. The host station - WKIE "Energy" 92.7 & 5 FM has been sold and changed its format . You can view the tracklistings for all the shows below.