DEPARTURES > 5.3.03 > The Aftershock

Now, we said that this was going to be an "off the hook" event and it was more than that. When you play music in Chicago, to a full dance-floor at 10pm, you know that it is not your typical Chicago-style event. Yes, when most venues were just opening their doors we were already deep into the party. With the sound system already in the 3rd gear, the rooms dark and only lit by strategically positioned lighting and effects we knew that the vibe was set for a proper night.

The crowd did not disappoint and actually surpassed our expectations. The constant flow of heads ready to take it to the dance-floor kept running strong until 2 am or so. Cafe Lura was completely packed and everywhere you turned there were smiles. No glam, no bullshit, just plain hard partying and dancing. The main floor sound, present in every room on remote systems infiltrated the crowd as the night progressed and it was really hard to stand or sit still. The DJs for the evening delivered dark progressive and tribal beats with enough mind-twists to make a modern rollercoaster feel like a merry-go-round. It was definitely about music and people.

These events at Cafe Lura are a major undertaking. The room requires a full design and set-up. Normally, it serves as a cafe/bar with a stage, featuring anything from Jazz, and Blues to Reggae as well as Drum n' Bass. We picked this spot because it has such a tremendous feel. It certainly does not look like a cafe when FUEL rolls in. We transform it so completely that regulars have difficulty recognizing their hideouts. It all is possible thanks to many people who are involved with various tasks in order to make it happen. I'd like to thank a few who have made this and many of the past DEPARTURES a success :

Peter S, Rikler, Jay, Rich D, Pepe, Peter M, Gabrys, Kasia, Tomek, Kopernik, Karol, Nosmo, Dave, McRae, Alex, Tomek C, Bodek, Siekiera, Piotr Michalak, Andrew Bedno, Andrzej K, Joe K, Rafal, Jenilyn, Matt, and Shugga. The DJs that provided some relentless beats : Rikler, Chris Gin, Paul G, Dmitry Lovebone, Keith Lotta, and Nosmo. I'm sure that I left someone out and will suffer dearly in consequence but if you're reading this, let's take care of quietly...please.

Stay tuned for the future.

- Andre Solaris & FUEL Crew.