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REJS 3| Lake Michigan | July 23, 2005

Photos by Jarek Starenda, Kasia, & Quake

"REJS 2" photos here.

REJS 3 was by far FUEL's best boat party to date. As predicted, the event sold out almost 2 weeks prior to departure. This year, a bigger boat took us out to Lake Michigan as we anticipated a bigger crowd based on previous two years. A total of 220 lucky heads took part in this amazing 4-hour cruise. With a capacity crowd the boat was amazingly not overcrowded. We delivered as promised, an awesome vibe, great sights, beautiful people, well stocked open bar, fabulous food provided by "Sami Swoi" restaurant, and of course proper music. By the way, on the photos you will notice two white speakers on either side of the DJ setup. Those are the boat's PA speakers. Our set-up consisting of all EAW & Turbosound cabinets was custom installed on both decks and it pounded clean sound - FUEL Style. Chicago had not seen any rain in the prior 8 weeks and, of course by Murphy's Law, on this Saturday the sky was full of thunder clouds. It reminded us of the first REJS when we feared the worst - a rainy night and a spoiled party. But just like 2 years ago, by 7pm the skies over Chicago turned blue and we were relieved to say the least. This called for a drink of course as we were ready to begin the set-up preparations on the vessel.

The boat departed at 9pm and we headed off to the lake. It was a very warm and breezy evening. The first 30 minutes on the Chicago River, while waiting our turn to go through the locks, already hinted signs of a fun party unfolding. Great music edited by Andre Solaris with drops from the movie "REJS" soundtrack mixed with The Orb put everyone into a proper state. As soon as we left the locks volume was increased to desirable levels and the upper deck begun moving in unison to breezy, summery progressive breaks beats tailored by Andre. At 10:15, as scheduled, a magnificent display of fireworks lit up the Chicago downtown sky. As the crowd raised their heads to be mesmerized by the show the air was also filled by a precisely mixed-in rework of Depeche Mode's "World In My Eyes". The boat roared. As the night progressed, Nosmo took over the controls to whip out a solid set of groovy, twisted beats that were appropriately sprinkled with licks of Spanish guitars and Ragga bits. The crowd continued drinking and dancing. Andre took the controls back to finish the night off with a mixture of Reggae, House, Breaks and some eclectic Polish cuts. There were no casualties even though the bar worked in turbo-mode all night.

As we said in the previous years' write-ups of REJS, if you really want to be part of the next one buy your tickets quick when the party is announced next year. We turned away ~150 people for lack of tickets this year again!

Many thanks go to all our friends whom supported this yet another awesome event. Your presence and help always goes a long way. Extra thank you's to those directly involved : Kasia (photos), Jarek (photos), Voytek, Rikler, Rysiu (graphic design), Nosmo, Karol (sound), Quake, Karolina, Jen, and our sponsors - Poltel Communications, Sami Swoi Restaurant, Ultimate Tan, Ministry of Hair Salon, and our media sponsor WNVR 1030 AM.