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REJS 4| Lake Michigan | August 26, 2006

Photos by Kasia, Peter S, Voytek, Mili, Peter Mojak.

"REJS 3" photos here.

They say three-times-a-charm but this party proved that if you have what it takes to put one together then there is no limit to how much fun they can be. We took sail upon last year's vessel, the "Ouilmette", only this time we supercharged it with additional lighting. The sound, as expected, created ripples on Lake Michigan that we're sure were visible from shore. This year's capacity crowd was again - exceptional. All smiles and all dancing..

Shortly following the boarding we have departed onto the Chicago River and headed for The Lake. As we briefly docked in the locks those aboard the adjacent ships, also waiting to get out on the lake, were looking towards us with envy. It was apparent from the colorful and already festive crowd on the upper deck of our boat that a great party was unveiling. As the lakeside locks opened and the boat's engines roared the first chunky beats of the opening set hit the speakers with perfect timing. All along the 20-minute journey to the lake a masterful soundtrack, of one of The Orb's classic numbers which was infused with the "Rejs" movie samples, served as backdrop to the beautiful views of Chicago's night skyscrapers. Andre Solaris warmed up the crowd with great selections of spaced out yet groovy house that were often underlined with the sounds of Spanish guitars and horns. A recurring musical theme for this boat party and a perfect summer sound to dance to. As last year, a magnificent fireworks display at Chicago's Navy Pier lit the night sky shortly after 10pm. Senn DJ (Voytek) took over the controls and all hell broke lose. Laying down track after track he elevated the party to a new level. The roaring crowd with hands in the air provided adrenaline pumping feedback to the DJs. Andre Solaris got on the decks afterwards and finished off the night with more great underground house beats. Progressive house that is but with a definite Chicago flare. As we headed back to the dock Andre threw in some classic closing selections that sent the crowd home singing.

We have once again been blessed with great weather and great people who have helped put this event together - a combination that is vital to a successful party of this type and magnitude. Big thanks go to : Rikler, Voytek, Nosmo, Mili, Kasia, Rich D, Peter Mojak, Karol, Quake, Ania, Justyna, Jaymaak, and Tomek Stec. Our sponsors : Joe @ Ultimate Tan Solarium, Chris @ Illusion Cafe, Robert @ Autoprogress, Jarek @ Archer Express, Pete @ Plus Real Estate, Tomek @ Sami Swoi Restaurant, and Pawel @ Polskie Radio 1030AM.

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