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REJS 6| Lake Michigan | August 23, 2008

Photos by Kasia, Peter S, Rikler, Paul G, Sam, Nosmo, & Jimmy, and Mark.

"REJS 5" photos here.

No doubt that by now this boat party is legendary. Being the biggest outdoor club event in Chicago and offering such spectacular views of the city "REJS"("rays") is one-of-a-kind. The 2008 "REJS 6" sold out party was again a great success. Every year, the party attracts more and more true house music lovers who know how to party and have a good time. Musically, we try to keep a fine balance between proper underground electronic dance music and that sweet summertime flavor of infused melodies in our sets. No cheesy commercial music is allowed. Both ANDRE SOLARIS and NOSMO delivered a top notch set of uplifting and liberating House. The crowd roared and cheered. The sound, as always, was immaculate with additional low end reinforcement this year. A total of 12,000+ watts of raw power on an open deck of a boat. Now that's amazing!

This year, Chicago's signature fireworks show was viewed by all from a close proximity. The captain not only pulled up as close as possible to Navy Pier for the viewing but also gave us an awesome tour of harbors and basins along the downtown skyline. At points we were close enough that our music and cheering crowd onboard got some onlookers dancing on shore. The after hours at MODA Nightclub offered continued partying for our guests until 5am. DJs VOYTEK and RIKLER manned the decks there playing great sets to a somewhat coherent crowd. We're looking forward to 2009. Good times are on the way.

The Fuel Crew.

P.S. Shout outs and a big thank you to the crew and tech team : Stopher, Sam, Roger, Karol, Rikler, Nosmo, Kasia, Justyna, Suzie, Karolina, Voytek, Peter S, Ania, Jimmy, Mark, JP, & Jenn.