REJS on Lake Michigan, Chicago : 7.27.03 12:30am-4am 

Photos by Kret.

This was, no doubt, the most joyful FUEL event to date. We didn't drag out the usual thousands of watts of power but then again, did we really need to ?

Set on a 2-level cruise ship that departed on the Chicago River and headed to the open waters of Lake Michigan, we packed both decks of the boat with beautiful people all anxious to let loose. In fact, while still on land, the huge group assembled at the entry gate was already moving in unison.

The 3 1/2 hours that followed were magical. We cruised back and forth along the Chicago downtown skyline, about a mile out. A spectacular view always in the background and groovy beats filling both the upper and lower decks. Andre Solaris delivered a solid set of progressive house beats with some wonderful atmospheric breaks and funky techno to complement it later on in the night. The anticipated rain, our biggest stress that day, never happened. 80° F all night long with lots of warm wind sweeping across the boat. We heard it felt like partying in Ibiza. It did.

Our huge thanks go out to our friends at KGBeats for steering us (no pun intended) in the right direction on this one. Of course, the party wouldn't happen without our hard-core partygoers and for those of you who didn't get their tickets, and that's about 120 people, there is always next year and loads of parties happening in-between.


The FUEL Crew.