ANDRZEJKI5 | Cafe Lura | November 26, 2005

Photos by Kasia, PaulG, & Quake

ANDRZEJKI 5 was by far the most well produced event to date. Major thanks to our visuals crew of VJs Brye and FUEL resident VJ Ambit. Magnificent setup with four huge screens and live cams all over the place. The placing of the visuals was such that the screens were visible from any given point within the venue allowing for a specially mental effect. This, of course, due to the content of the visuals. From their extensive setup of laptops, video mixers and video effects processors the two went completely into a free fall with the mixing and editing of most interesting footage convoluted with live feeds from the party. The all-digital sound setup was employed for the second time and this time we really decided that vinyl, as much as we love it, has its place in the studio mix projects. We're too old to carry all that weight not to mention deal with the constant annoyance of skipping needles and feedback. Completely going off Stanton's Final Scratch and Traktor DJ studio along with midi controllers and effects Andre Solaris, Nosmo, and Rikler tore the roof off the place. The dance floor started packing around 10:15pm (again, one-of-a-kind in Chicago) and the place took off on its journey. In the side room the girls of HoopSteady provided even more eye candy with their exotic and hypnotic Hoola Dance. Complete with proper lighting and accompanying visuals in the background this room gained a soul of its own. Lastly, the crowd never failing - top notch proper clubbers who seek uncompromising quality and no nonsense approach in a party. Relaxed, smiling, dancing, and drinking. It always seems that this ever-growing crowd is there for one thing only; to immerse themselves in good, solid, and beautifully sounding music. And that we delivered.

Many thanks for all your help in putting this together as well as promoting the event :Nosmo, Rikler, Peter Mojak, Quake, Mili, Voytek, Karol, Paul G, Richard, Brye, and Kasia.