Some people and places that keep the scene alive ::

Global Underground / Best mix CD compilations in the world.
BBC Radio1 / No other radio like it in the world.
Gramaphone / Chicago's legendary vinyl shop and place for therapy.
KGBeats / Record label and promotions co. taking life not so seriously.
NvK / Fuel's DJ Nosmo & his studio partner KrisB.
ResidentAdvisor / Global clubbing news directly from down under.
Clubbing.pl / The source of info on the underground dance scene in Poland.
URB / America's underground dance music magazine.
Laif / Poland's leading magazine for the clubbing community.
Tranceaddictn / Florida based site dedicated to trance and prog house.
PROTON Radio / Quality music, quality DJs, loads of info.
AMP Prod / Chicago based nightlife forum.